On May 2nd, President Gabriel Boric officially launched the Green Hydrogen Action Plan 2023-2030 with the strategic committee that drafted the document. During the event, the President of the Republic underlined the strong collaboration with the European Union.

Aiming to launch the green hydrogen industry and its derivatives in Chile, the plan includes 81 actions divided into two implementation windows.

The first of these began last year and will end in 2026. The objectives of this window would be: to define standards, strengthen institutions, create an efficient permitting system, promote scientific research, and advance incentives.

In this context, 10 main milestones were created, as for example: open the Facility H2V Window with Green Credit to finance hydrogen projects, start operations of the green hydrogen plant in Cabo Negro (Magallanes) and launch the Magallanes and Maritime and Naval Industry Technology Development Centers.

The second window includes the period between 2026 and 2030. In that stage, it will be tried to achieve the implementation of land use planning and regulatory instruments, articulate productive chains, develop human capital, and obtain certification for access to green markets.

The Green Hydrogen Action Plan 2023-2030 represents a significant step forward in Chile’s commitment to a sustainable energy future. By establishing a clear roadmap for the development of the green hydrogen industry, Chile aims to position itself as a global leader in this emerging field while contributing to its decarbonization goals.

The document is available on the website of the Ministry of Energy (English version): https://energia.gob.cl/sites/default/files/documentos/green-hydrogen_action-plan.pdf

Photo Credit: Ministry of Energy