“Check against delivery”

Good afternoon,

I have very fond memories of this space in particular. One of my fondest memories is going way back to the end of April 1981. When I was here for a concert of man who was up and coming at that time, who was becoming popular, and that popular man was Bruce Springsteen. He’s coming back to the Netherlands this year, actually this month, so you get another opportunity –  the only difference is that the tickets are about a hundred times more expensive. But for the rest, the music still inspires me, by the way, those of you who are visiting Rotterdam, do consider staying on a couple of days, because I don’t know if you’ve seen the images from Naples last week, well Rotterdam is going to do the same next Sunday when Feyenoord wins the championship, you will see some amazing things happening on the Coolsingel. If you have time, do stay and enjoy this remarkable city. It’s such a wonderful city. I’m really, really deeply in love with [it].